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Synthetic Roof Underlayment  REX™ Wrap Housewrap 
  Brochures   Brochures 
    REX™ SynFelt Synthetic Roof Underlayment      REX™ BlueBond Housewrap Seaming Tape
    REX™ TECHNOply™ Synthetic Roof Underlayment     REX™ Wrap Housewrap
    REX™ TECHNO SB Synthetic Roof Underlayment     REX™ Wrap Plus Housewrap
          REX™ Wrap FORTIS Weather Barrier
  Documentation      REX™ StormRoof Wrap
    REX™ SynFelt  Installation Instructions      
  REX™ TECHNOply™ Installation Instructions     
  REX™ TECHNO SB Installation Instructions   Documentation 
    MSDS Sheets     ICC ES Housewrap 
    ICC ESR Synthetic Roof Underlayment     ICC ES Report FORTIS
    Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance     REX™ Wrap Housewrap MSDS Sheets 
    Underwriters Laboratory Class A Fire Rating      REX™ Wrap Plus Housewrap MSDS Sheets
    REX™ SynFelt Limited Lifetime Warranty     CCMC-13678-R
    REX™ TECHNOply™ 25 Year Warranty     CCMC-13685-R
    REX™ TECHNO SB 50 Year Warranty