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Alpha Pro Tech is in the business of protecting people, products and environments. We accomplish this by developing, manufacturing and marketing a line of high-value protective apparel, infection control products and a line of construction weatherization building products for the housing market. Our products are sold both under the "Alpha Pro Tech" brand name as well as under private labels.

Established in 1989, the company proceeded through various acquisitions which added protective apparel, automated shoe covers and lamination capabilities. The company’s name was changed to Alpha Pro Tech in 1994. Currently, the company maintains three vertically integrated production centers producing innovative and high quality products.

Our products are classified into three business segments. Protective Apparel featuring a complete head to toe protective apparel line, consisting of shoe covers, coveralls, bouffant caps, gowns, frocks and lab coats; Infection Control consisting of a full line of face masks and eye shields, and Building Products consisting of house wrap and synthetic roof underlayment.

Target markets are those in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device manufacturing, lab animal research, high technology electronics manufacturing which includes the semi-conductor market, medical, dental and construction supply and roofing distributors.

Our strategy is to develop, manufacture and market innovative high value products which protect people, products and environments. Our key growth strategy is based on communicating directly with end users to develop innovative products to suit their needs.

Manufacturing Facilities
Our manufacturing facilities are located in:

Nogales, AZ - Apparel & Shield Manufacturing
Salt Lake City, UT - Mask Manufacturing
Valdosta, GA – Building Products, Coating & Laminating