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Board of Directors

Directors are elected annually for a term of office to expire at the succeeding annual meeting of shareholders after their election and until their successors are duly elected and qualified. All current directors were elected by the shareholders at our last annual meeting.

If any of the directors should become unavailable to serve as a director (which is not now expected), the Board may designate a substitute nominee. In that case, the persons named as proxies will vote for the substitute nominee designated by the Board.

Lloyd Hoffman  LLOYD HOFFMAN has been the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Pro Tech since January 2016 and President since late December 2017. He joined the Company in 1991 as an accountant and was named Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration in 1999 and then held the position of Chief Financial Officer from 2002 through 2015. From 1987 to 1991, Mr. Hoffman was a partner at Software Concepts, Inc., a software developer, and was in charge of finance and administration. Mr. Hoffman has been a director since 2016.
John Ritota JOHN RITOTA has been a director of the Company since December 18, 1991 and since 1981 to the present time has been operating a general dentistry practice, Ritota and Ritota, with his brother in Delray Beach, Florida.
Russell Manock RUSSELL MANOCK is a chartered accountant and has been a director of the Company since June 10, 2000. He has been a senior partner in the public accounting firm, Snow & Manock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since 1976.
Danny Montgomery DANNY MONTGOMERY is the Senior Vice President of Alpha Protech Engineered Products, Inc and Manufacturing for Alpha ProTech, Inc. Mr. Montgomery has 40 years manufacturing and sales experience in various plastic and polymer industries. Mr. Montgomery joined Alpha Protech in July 1994 when the assests of Ludan Corp, a company he founded and managed, were aquired by Alpha Protech, Inc. Mr. Montgomery has been a director since June 4, 2007.
David Garcia DAVID GARCIA has been a director of the Company since October 18, 2010.  Mr Garcia is currently a private investor.  He was a licensed stockbroker/producing manager from 1983-2008.  Prior to entering the financial industry he was employed by CF&I Steel Corp. in the Labor Relations Dept. from 1979-1983.  Mr Garcia was the Executive Director of the Wyoming Fair Employment Commission, a division of the Wyoming Dept. of Labor from 1973-1979.
  JAMES BUCHAN has been a director in the company since 2017. He has been a Senior Manager for Bell Canada, one of the largest telecom and media companies in Canada.
  DONNA MILLAR has been a director in the company since late 2017. Donna has been with Alpha Pro Tech working as Investor Relations since 1989.