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Superior Protection Without Sacrificing Comfort

ComforTech garments are constructed of an innovative, lightweight, durable material that delivers excellent protection against particles, biologicals, fluids and a host of chemicals. To keep you cool and comfortable throughout the workday, the material rapidly dissipates vapor and heat on a microscopic level.  The ComforTech material exhibits a low particle count and has a 99.9% filtration efficiency to help protect your environment from contamination.

Protection You Can Count On

Using a proprietary blend of fabrics, NuTech garments are specially manufacturered to be lightweight and breathable, providing superior comfort and protection to the wearer.  Garments are designed to keep the wearer clean and comfortable all day.

Unique Blend of Strength, Comfort and Protective Qualities

AlphaGuard fabric, the result of leading-edge technologies, offers a unique mix of benefits. The material's excellent breathability yet high filtration efficiency puts the wearer in a cool, comfortable "suited" environment without compromising your environment. A low particle count adds another measure of environmental protection. For total comfort, the fabric is among the softest in its product class.   AlphaGuard material is not recommended for use with chemicals. The stitches per inch of the serged seams strike an optimum balance of stitch strength and material strength after sewing.    

irst Choice for Dry, Non-Hazardous Areas 

Economical GenPro garments are ideal for workers and guests in non-hazardous environments. The lightweight, durable material lets the wearer stay clean and comfortable all day while providing a limited barrier to particulates and contamination.

Shoe & Boot Covers

UltraGrip™ Shoe & Boot Covers
Limited Light Chemical Splash

The high performance, anti-skid UltraGrip™ sole offers the ultimate in slip and fall protection on damp and dry floors.  The shoe cover upper material used with this sole is made of BarrierTech® fabric and provides particle holdout and protection from fluids and light chemical splash.  The Microbreathe® upper material in the boot cover is soft, strong, flexible and has a high vapor transmission rate for all-day comfort.

SafeStep® Shoe & Boot Covers
Protection for you and the Environment

SafeStep is a proprietary high-performing, environmentally friendly product and has inherent non-skid physical properties and is strong enough to withstand even the most abrasive floors.  This sole material is also extremely clean and durable.  The BarrierTech® fabric used in the upper shoe cover provides particle, fluid and light chemical splash protection.  The Microbreathe® upper material in the boot cover is soft, strong, flexible and has a high vapor transmission rate for all-day comfort.

MaxGrip® Shoe & Boot Covers
Maximum Grip Protection

MaxGrip material in the shoe and boot covers provide slip and fall protection in damp to dry environments.  The anti-skid properties of the MaxGrip sole have outstanding performance on a variety of surfaces and in a number of applications.  The AquaTrak® upper material in the boot cover is soft, strong, flexible and a fluid resistant material that also provides appropriate particle holdout.  

AquaTrak® Shoe & Boot Covers
Outstanding Performance in Wet Environments 

AquaTrak material keeps you stable and protected in wet and dry conditions. This advanced material was specifically developed for superior performance in wet conditions. The anti-skid properties provide amazing slip and fall protection - with no additional coatings.  The high breathability, low particulate count fabric wears comfortably and limits contamination.

SureGrip® Shoe Covers
Maximum Versatility

Simply the best material for damp and dry conditions.  The ultra low particle count SureGrip material is extremely clean and exhibits excellent anti-skid properties without adding any extra material to the sole that could add to contamination concerns.



GenPro® Shoe Covers
General Purpose 

Have these lightweight, breathable GenPro shoe covers available for visitor and other non-hazardous area uses. The non-conductive, anti-skid shoe covers provide a moderate barrier to fluids, particulates and contamination. This category of shoe cover is not appropriate for use in protecting employees from environmental risks or protecting controlled environments from employee contamination.

CPE Shoe Covers
Seamless Construction

For fluid resistant performance and great dry surface traction, choose the heat sealed, seamless, all-film CPE material. Ideal for critical environments, as this non-particulating, non-conductive material reduces contamination entering your work areas. Comfortable to wear during any work activity.


Terms and Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Use: WARNING: These garments and associated materials are not suitable for use in some environments containing certain chemicals and/or hazardous agents. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the level of risk in a particular environment and the proper personal protection equipment needed. Garments manufactured from synthetic non-woven material may generate static electricity. Garments that contain an anti-stat treatment are not intended to be used as a safety feature. These garments are not recommended to be used in a flammable and/or explosive environment. If you have any questions, contact your distributor or Alpha Pro Tech for garment/fabric safety data. The use of this product is out of Alpha Pro Tech’s control; therefore, Alpha Pro Tech makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and assumes no liability as to the performance of these products for a particular use. CAUTION: AVOID HEAT AND/OR OPEN FLAME.

UCC Limited Warranty and Exclusions

Limited Warranty; Disclaimer and Limitation of Remedies: The products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. ALPHA PRO TECH HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Buyer's remedy is expressly limited to replacement of any defective product and Alpha Pro Tech shall have no responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages. Any claims under this warranty must be made in writing to Alpha Pro Tech and must be made with 90 days of the purchase.

Alpha Pro Tech, Inc. reserves the right to change any prices, terms and conditions of sale at any time without notice