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Seam Construction

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Serged Seam   Bound Seam   Ultrasonically Welded Seam
Serged Seam   Bound Seam   Ultrasonically Welded Seam

Produced when threads are interlocked around the material edges for a strong, stress-resistant seam.
Bound seams deliver extra durability and strength, as well as, reduce particulate shedding and provide extra protection against fluids.
There are no thread holes with this seam.  The material is welded together creating a superior particle and fluid barrier.
Heat Sealed Seam   Safety Stitched Seams   Tunneled Elastic Seam
Heat Sealed Seam   Safety Stitched Seam   Tunneled Elastic Seam

This strong, impervious seam is used when ultrasonic welding is incompatible with the garment material. Used in shoe cover production.
An extra safety stitch is added above the serged seam to offer added strength, durability and protection.  Used in scrubs production.
This design provides a secure closure for the garment and helps to limit particle and fluid contamination.