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REX Wrap® Fortis Weather Barrier
REX Wrap® Fortis Weather Barrier
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Features and Benefits

With its one-of-a-kind construction, REX Wrap® Fortis with JX ALTA 360° Drainage Technology™ uniquely enables the drainage of water in EVERY direction to protect buildings from the elements exponentially better than a traditional housewrap while decreasing job site material waste, simplifying installation to reduce labor and carrying fewer products.

The line comes in three variations:

Fortis High-P Wrap High-P, for those climates needing a high perm product
Fortis Low-P Wrap Low-P, for those climates needing a low perm product
Fortis Commercial Wrap Commercial version made specifically for large format/high rise applications that need to meet the NFPA 285 fire codes

All three products may be used as a component to an EIFS or one-coat stucco system and meet the code requirements as an air barrier as well. No other house wrap product on the market today offers this unique construction of up to 9’ & 10’ wide 360° drainage technology.